Civil War And Reconstruction Era

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Cause of Exoduster Migration to the West In the late nineteenth century, as the civil war and reconstruction era drew to an end, newly freed African Americans were still faced with many problems. Slavery had taken up most if their lives and now that they were free with no jobs. Most resorted in being farmers to former slave owners to make a living. The whites, however, who did not agree with African Americans being free created "black codes." These were designed to force freed blacks to work on plantations. These codes also denied blacks the right to purchase or even rent land. The Freedmen 's Bureau was issued in an effort to bring freed people to full citizenship. This would help with getting the African Americans jobs, houses, education, land, and anything necessary to start their new lives. By 1879, Benjamin “Pap” Singleton, a former slave from Tennessee, became known as the leader of the “Exoduster Movement.” Benjamin Singleton urged blacks to leave the south to move westward. Kansas, at the time being a free state became appealing to Singleton and he put advertisements up to show blacks what opportunities awaited them in the west. Those who agreed with him and who moved west to Kansas called themselves “Exodusters.” Some believed that this was their promise land. A small town by the name of Nicodemus, Graham County, Kansas, was home to 75 Americans by the year 1876. When the Exodus movement brought African Americans westward, the small town became known as the center
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