Civil War And The American Colonization

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Liberia has always been under pressure, similar to other countries. At first, the establishment of Liberia in 1822 with the reinforcement of the American Colonization Society may have seemed like a pleasant time. The American Colonization Society’s enterprise was for liberated black slaves to immigrate to Africa. In general, this wasn’t an appalling event along with the time when Liberia was observed as independent by the United States of America in 1862. Although the discovery and foundation of Liberia is essential and positive, Liberia is still like a rose with thorns. Underneath the beauty of Liberia were grotesque misfortunes. In particular, these hardships were the civil war and revolution, violations of human rights, and the…show more content…
Moreover, the profit earned from iron ore, which composes ⅔ of the country’s proceeds, and agriculture plummeted. As a result from combat, agricultural equipment was robbed and citizens relocated to rural regions, hence the cultivation of crops was a challenge for Liberians to build up. Not only did the income value decrease, but medical foundations were ravaged, which led to a majority of patient diseases such as the measles. Furthermore, indigenous Liberians were unable to learn due to damaged educational infrastructures. In order to solve these issues, $7.5 billion was contributed to Liberia for reconstruction by Commonwealth Gold. Together with the Commonwealth Gold, United Nations Food for Agriculture, European Union, and non-governmental organizations granted seeds, equipment, and lessons on beneficial farming methods. Despite having the support of organizations, something else is still broken in Liberia: human rights.
Unluckily, Liberia isn’t as absolved and protective compared to countries such as the United States of America, therefore Liberians have less rights and are most likely to be a or be considered a victim as a citizen in Liberia. First, sexual violence, especially rape, pursuits were unjustified because of unclear evidence and inadequacy in the judicial section as well as witnesses. Fortunately, the Criminal Court
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