Civil War Battles

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The Major Battles of the Civil War
No other war seems to hold our focus like the Civil War. Scholars have chosen to make it their life's work, authors have written reams about it, and we all feel some kind of connection to the Civil War. This paper was created to highlight some of the major battles that took place during that conflict. Major battles usually marked a drastic change in the momentum from one side to the other or led to massive losses of troops. These battles and their results all played a huge part in the outcome of the war.
One of the war's first battles was the Battle of First Bull Run. Today's site of the Battle of First Bull Run is a tranquil pasture surrounded by trees and a split rail fence. Instead of the neigh
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As a consequence, he was recalled to Washington on 7 November to hand over his command to Major General Ambrose Burnside.
The Troop Commander for this battle was Ambrose Powell Hill. A. P. Hill was considered by Lee to be one of his best generals. He took care of his troops, yet wasn't afraid to put them in battle when the time came. As a West Point graduate of 1847, he served in the US Artillery and saw action in Mexico in the last year of the war there, 1848. He spent some time in the Third Seminole War and on the frontier. When Hill answer the call of his native Virginia and joined the side of the Confederacy, he did so as a first lieutenant. He was promoted to colonel of the 13th Virginia and saw his first big action at First Bull Run. Afterward, he was promoted to brigadier general and performed well during the Peninsula Campaign. His efforts there won him a promotion to major general as head of a division. His division, the Light Division, won a firm reputation as a fast moving force. Hill himself would lead his troops into battle. The Battle of Gettysburg was "accidentally" the bloodiest battle of the war. Neither Lee nor Meade wanted to fight at Gettysburg which was the cross roads for 10 different roads. Major forces from both armies collided there and the battle began. Not only did it claim many American lives but it also changed the course of the war.
Lee's plan was to take the war to the north and

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