Essay about Civil War Battles of Chancelorsville and Gettysburg

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This is only two battles in the whole Civil War yet countless lives were lost in each one. These battles were only two months apart. The goal of this paper is to give information on these two Civil War battles Chancelorsville and Gettysburg.

The Battle of Chancelorsville In the Battle of Chancelorsville, Hooker was the Union general and Lee was the Confederate general. Hooker had 130,000 men and Lee had 60,000 men. Hooker had more men and supplies and Lee was outnumbered. Before the battle Hooker said, “May God have mercy on General Lee, for I will have none.” In the morning of May 1, 1863, Hooker was condensing his forces waiting for Lee to attack. That afternoon fighting started, with Hooker and Lee having skirmishes outside of
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Later that day Lee got news that a Union force under Sedgwick was marching toward Chancelorsville. Lee went after Sedgwick.

On May 4, 1863 Lee and Sedgwick met at the Battle of the Salem Church. The battle was indecisive. That night both Hooker and Sedgwick retreated over the Rappahannock. The Union lost 16,800 men and the Confederates lost 13,000 men. It is considered one of Lee’s finest battles. Jackson’s arm had to be amputated from the injury he got. Gangrene set in and he died on May 10, 1863. Even though the Confederates had won the battle of Chancelorsville it was at high costs.

The Battle of Gettysburg The Battle of Gettysburg happened after Lee won Chancelorsville. Lee went to Pennsylvania hoping to capture a northern city and re-supply his men. Lee also hoped to draw the Union men from the Mississippi River. On July 1, 1863 Lee sent Confederate General “Harry” Heth to Gettysburg to get shoes for his troops. Union General John Buford’s force was dug in at Seminary Ridge in Gettysburg. Heth came in contact with Buford’s scouts. The Confederates went up an unfinished railroad and arrived outside of town at 8:00A.M. The Confederates line was at Cemetery Ridge. After two hours of fighting Reynold’s Union force arrived on the scene. Reynold was killed by a Confederate sharpshooter almost as soon as he entered the battle field so Abner Doubleday took his place of command. Later the
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