Civil War Clothing Essay

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We can walk into any store, Nordstrom, Tommy Hilfiger, Levi’s, JCPenney, Men’s Warehouse, select and try on several articles of clothing within the hour. Let’s try this simulation. Allow me to provide you with cloth and sewing materials; I challenge you to divide yourselves to work together and sew together a pair of pants, in hopes of modeling conditions before the greatest revolution of the clothing industry, the era of ready-made clothing. On my side, the present garments will represent the luxury of pre-stitched clothing. The standardization of clothing sizes served as a step towards an overall growth in convenience for consumers. Preceding the Civil War, ready-to-wear clothing stores were few and far between, and selection limited itself to only a few sizes. This is in stark contrast to the options present at big chain stores today. This is attributed to the fact that the majority of clothing was either tailored by dressmakers or at home, which either demanded a premium or proved to be a bother. The Civil War was a…show more content…
Canned food finds a place on the shelves of nearly every grocery store, and trains have become a chief part of American transportation. With this, we understand that ready-made clothing is one of many in an upwards trend, a trend bringing ease to all persons alike. The Civil War inadvertently brought ready-made clothing to us, and it is here to stay. The era of ready-to-wear clothing, though a revolution in itself, should also be viewed as a positive trend that continues to provide consumers with time-efficient and abundant choices through advancements in machinery and new distribution models. Though arguably the unforeseen outcome of a coincidence, the impacts of ready-made clothing have had huge implications on our everyday lives. Thank you for your
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