Civil War Consequences

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Money, slavery and power were the main reasons for the outbreak of the American civil war many people was condemned to the new union that was about to be formed, accepted by the north but declined by the south . This great union was about to be led by the republican, Abraham Lincoln, and the devastating consequences was yet to come…
We’re in the late 1860’s and the time has come to the next presidential election in the United States of America. It has taken nearly a decade of conflicts on if slavery shall be extended in American territories or completely prohibited, these conflicts teared apart the two-party system led by 4 men, Abraham Lincoln, Stephen Douglas, John Breckinridge and John Bell. America was divided into 2 big parts the Deep South and the north, whilst the north being for the prohibition of slavery and the south against it . The southern states was led
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It all had to do with how wealthy the northern states were. They had the resources to let the industrial revolution take place, in short the northern states economy was based on the industrial productions. Whilst the southern states wasn’t as wealthy as the north, so they still had their economy relying on slavery. If half of the nation lost its whole economy how would it make its living? To abolish slavery was something that the southern people without regard wasn’t looking forward to. The current president Buchanan, feared that the win of the election would lead to disastrous consequences, he knew that the southern states was going to secede, and he also knew that he couldn’t prevent that from happening. Buchanan’s dread turned out to be true, in December 20, 1860, the election evoked the southern states’ secessions of the American union. The first state to secede from the union was as mentioned earlier South Carolina, in addition they were the first state to debate the election results, and spread the idea of secession to the other southern
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