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A searing pain erupted in my chest as I staggered back. The whiff of singed gunpowder heightened my heartache. Gasps and shrieks were heard from behind me. Those fools were cowards, who acted like caged chickens.
However, I felt the same anguish. Considering how the seven of us were clustered into this wind whipped, wood warped shepherd shack in the amid the towering forest peaks of the Zagros mountain range.
I glanced down and observed splattered blood on the ground.
They shot me.
The pain brought my hands to my chest, where I found three wet warm holes from which my blood oozed. It took a long moment for the thought to sink in.
Despite this inconvenience, another thought bothered me.
Where was He?
He had been missing for
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It had to be a command by its tone. His four youthful soldiers hesitantly shuffled back inside the shack, while aiming their semi-automatic rifles in a jittery manner.
I knew how it must have felt for them, having shot someone in cold blood.
To my side, I observed our trusted guide Ahmad speaking in multiple Arabic and Kurdish directives to no avail. They had barricaded our only entrance, thus surrounding the remaining survivors.
Abruptly, I cramped uncontrollably forward like having my appendix burst. Without warning my legs collapsed. I dropped knees first to the floor. I groaned as my chest slammed into the terrain.
The teenage soldiers retreated to the door-frame in fright. It must have been serious. My body was depleting of its strength.
In that moment, I wondered why nurse Naomi had not attended to my injuries. She had been our rescued medic. I could still remember her weeping over Michael's dead body as she tried frantically to save him.
But what about me?
She just stood there, dumbstruck like the five others.
Nevertheless, I lay crumpled on the ground as I inhaled dirt without a single person aiding me.
There was another barked order from the Military
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Yes, dear God.
However, his once gentle hands felt like rose branches as he cradled me. I could hear him speak, though his voice seemed muffled for his presence. My life had begun swiftly fading.
I could smell the musk scent of his moistened hairy chest heaving as his heart beat rapidly.
Finally, He had arrived for me.
My body started to shiver. I could feel no warmth even from his comfort. My bones were chilled, which begun to cause my muscles to tense. My breathing became laborious, while this mountainous elevation did not help.
I tried to speak, but only coughed. It had been a mixture of mucus with blood, which made me gag. Once again, I coughed. This time it had been mostly blood.
I had begun to panic as I started drifting from consciousness.
I raised my left hand to his unbuttoned smeared shirt and grabbed hold with all my resilience.
After I spat again from my mouth, I noticed him leaning inwards to my face. He had propped my head as blood dribbled down the corners of my mouth. He held me in tight desperation. His eyes divulged his regrets for our failed mission.
His stubble chin caressed against my cheek as he crouched inward.
I muttered to him with my last breath, "You
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