Civil War Essay

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In the 1850’s the United States was not so United. There had been many internal problems, that were tearing the entire country apart. Issues such as slavery, and power of the states were coming between the country. The south and north had been arguing about the issue of slavery for a very long time. The North was against it. They had set out to abolish it. But the south was growing very rich off it. It was cheap labor. Al the slave owners had to pay for was room and board, which was cheaper then paying salaries. Since the industrial revolution and the invention of things like the Cotton Gin the south had become a large producer of all things cotton.

The production of cotton was
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Davis sat on the United States Senate. He resigned when his state left the union to support the south. He was not in favor of Lincoln becoming President.

Fort Sumter was a United States military base located in South Carolina. Because the South had left the union they felt it should be abandoned. The south felt it did not belong there since they were their own separate country and the fort was still under union control. Davis had been threatening to attack the fort for a long period of time but waited for Lincoln to enter office. Major Robert Anderson was in command of the union army at the time. He repeatedly refused to give in to Davis’s demands. Anderson moved troops to the fort to protect it. He tried to have supplies shipped to the fort. As they were about to arrive the ships were fired upon. They then withdrew.

As soon as Lincoln entered office he had to make a decision. The troops at the fort were running low on food. They had not received the

supplies and were at risk of being starved out. Lincoln had to decide what to do. Should he send them food and risk of another attack, or pull the troops out and let the south have the fort. He knew risking another attack would most likely start a war. Davis demanded that the confederate troops take the fort. He was not going to let the north get anything from him.
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