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The election of Lincoln, secession of the southern states and the Confederate States of America Constitution set the stage for the bloodiest and saddest war in American history. Before the Civil War even began the nation was divided into four very distinct regions; Northeast, Northwest, Upper south and the Southwest. With two fundamentally different labor systems, slavery in the south and wage labor in the North, the political, economic and social changes across the nation would show the views of the North and the South. The civil war was based on the abolitionists' ideas of emancipation and liberation of slavery the North wanted the war in order to create a society without slavery. The North's aggression to control the south lead to the …show more content…
It simply put yet another wedge in between the North and South Democrat Party. It also left Northern abolitionists angrier then ever. They thought the ruling not in favor of Scott was early an opinion. In turn the attitude of the North made the Southerners astonished at Northerners lack of respect and honor of the Supreme Court's decision. Northern abolitionists were too insistent on slavery for the Southern cause. In the compromise of 1850 the ratio became unequal of free to slave states in favor of the abolitionists. Angry pro-slavery southerners were running out of possible slave states for the confederacy. The Bill made California free and prevented the selling of slaves in New Mexico and Utah. In fury, southerners developed the fugitive slave law; it made U.S citizens help return runaway slaves. Although the Northerners refused to comply, and ended up helping slaves get out of the country. The shortening of slavery in the United States made the southerners want to form their own government so they could simply have their own independence. Along with the South's fugitive slave law to capture run away slaves, came there North's Underground Railroad to assist runaway slaves into Canada. The south was frustrated because of the increasing number of runaway slaves due to the Underground Railroad. A major contributor and abolitionist of this assistance was Harriet Tubman. Due to this the Southerners developed a

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