Civil War Journal Essay

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Dear Journal,                                             August 2, 1863

     With Dixie in my heart, today is the day that South Carolina recruited me for this war. I must soon be ready to go to the regiment I was assigned to. I am in the 3rd Infantry Regiment of South Carolina. I would rather have been in the cavalry since, the Great State, I raise horses, but they needed infantry even more. I will do anything to help the Confederacy. Emily, Joseff, and Soo are sad that their Pa is leaving
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There is Michael Watkins, whom I may become quite attached to. Then there is Josiah Masterson who is frankly very pious and will shoot at the sight of any Stars and Stripes Yankee. The last man I befriended is William Chance. Will is the census taker of the wounded and dead. I must say it is not a pleasant job, but if one wanted to be in the war and not defend your rights, it is a good placement. I am ready for action. Michael warned me about the fighting. He said that I must imagine the worst that may happen, and make it inconceivable. Men have stamina now, until out on the battlefield. I do not believe Michael much. I think it is sublime to fight against the Yankees and dishonor them. Yet, there is some doubt of what his Jezebel words that are spoken. He might have the same problem, but I am not gonna eat it all at once. That is war, you can not eat all of it at once or you choke, but you can always wash it down with water, I say.

Dear Journal,                                             September 19, 1863

     "War will change

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