Civil War Movement : Martin Luther King Jr & Malcolm X

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Emuna Korenblit Research paper History 11.21 December 23, 2014 Civil War Movement: Martin Luther King Jr/ Malcolm X Many years after blacks had received citizenship and the right to vote there was still much bias against them. Because of their skin color African Americans hadn’t been treated fairly and did not have the same rights as whites. In the 1950’s the Blacks stood up and fought hard for there rights and against the unfair social system that had formed. The civil rights movement, had many protests against segregation and discrimination towards African Americans. Many different leaders help unite the blacks and gain equality. Among those were two of the most prominent and influential men throughout the movement, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Junior. Both men preached about Black strength and power during a time filled with hatred and inequality. Even though both men were very influential and had the same goals of equality their strategies differed in many ways. Although Malcolm X’s strategies do whatever needs to be done to achieve equality which included violence was very influential and persuasive Martin Luther King Jr.’s tactic of nonviolence impacted many more people and became a more well known and impactful leader. The civil war amendments were passed, to stop slavery, to grant
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