Civil War Music

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Civil War Music Music was a vital part of the war. The Civil War had also been referred to America's “great musical war.” There was a rank for musicians. They played at recruitment rallies and kept up the troops' morale. Their main job was to relay orders from higher ranking officers. The branches of the military determined which instrument made the calls. The drummer boys, fife players, buglers and the songs that they performed played a significant part in the war. Drummer boys enlisted to serve in the infantry. These boys were usually eighteen years old, but younger boys sometimes faked their age to enlist. They learned to relay orders to help soldiers during battle by sounding a call, which is a short tune with an assigned job or order. They had to go through meticulous training because they had to make the correct calls. With the battlefields covered in gun smoke, the soldiers relied on the drummer boys to sound the orders. If their calls were incorrect, they could confuse the soldiers or even give them the wrong orders. In addition to this, drummer boys had to make calls in camp. Some of the common calls were morning roll call, sick call, guard duty and taps. Being a drummer boy was only one of the different types of musicians that had these responsibilities. Musicians that play fife, commonly called fifers, marched alongside drums in battles. A fife is like a piccolo. It is also similar to a flute, but it has a much higher range. The fife was useful
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