Civil War Narrative Essay

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Inside the camouflaged tent, four men stood around a large table. The only illumination coming from an overhead lamp shining down on a map covered with red, green and grey blocks. Listening intently to the headsets they each wore they would occasionally reach out with thin poles they each held and move one or more of the green and red blocks, maneuvering them around the larger grey blocks that indicated one of the nearby city’s buildings.
Striding into the tent a young officer glanced over the map, swore and strode back out, barking orders into the heavy downpour to the assembled troops. After a few moments of gentle silence, the officer re-entered the tent, this time with several other officers in tow.
“Status?” asked one of the senior officers.
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Outside they could hear barked orders and more gunfire tearing through the night rain. With trained precision the senior officers headed out of the tent and toward their own individual commands. As they vanished into the night the junior officer looked around nervously at the radio men, who despite the looming danger stayed focused on the task at hand, leaning forward and adjusting troop positions on the map as the radio reports came…show more content…
He could hear shouting on the radio saying that they have cleared the zones and are heading back to base camp. But backup was too late to save him they wiped base camp clean of zeds. As he lay dying on the table, unable to move, he watched as his blood pooled out from the gaping wounds in his back and arm, onto the map and as he began to lose consciousness and stopped hearing as two soldiers busted into the tents to see the horror. The officer spat out his last words telling the soldiers to “watch their backs” as he faded away. A few days later the military had stopped the virus and eliminated it causing the earth to be safe
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