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The American Civil War is one of the most momentous and controversial periods in American history. America Civil War during the years 1861-1865 was resulted in the social, political, and economic differences that can be traced to the first colonies and are exemplified in the conflict between Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton. These differences expanded over time to result in the divided country of the 1860's. At the time of the Civil War, the abolitionists had many conflicts with South. The conflicts between the Northern and Southern United States were state's rights versus federal authority, industrialization and agriculture, and urbanization and plantation. All of these conflicts made the North and the South have violent attitudes…show more content…
Slavery suffused Southern culture and society through the expansion of plantation. As a result, the Southern society held the slave institution at its center. Second, political differences were existed between North and South of America. Since the time of the revolution, two camps emerged. Federalists and anti-federalists arose from their different views of the nature of republican government. It clearly displays in the video, "Are We to Be a Nation?" It shows the conflicts between them on the ratification of Constitution. Anti-federalists argued that a republican government could only survive when a nation remained small, but federalists insisted it would be easier to protect liberty in a large and diverse republic. And then, the new America nation faced a new conflict between politicians on how to properly interpret the Constitution. Jefferson who was a southern slave owner argued strong state governments, so he believed in a strict construction of the Constitution to limit the powers of the federal government and protect state authority. Also, Jefferson was pro-France; he thought America's interests were better served by supporting France. By contrast, Hamilton who was a northerner with abolitionist sympathies sought a strong central government, so he believed in a broad or loose, construction of the Constitution. Hamilton was pro-British; he believed that

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