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The United States Civil War: A Time of Change and Equality for All      The United States Civil War, which lasted from 1861 to 1865, represented a time of major change around the world. This civil war that absorbed our nation during the mid 1860s not only fought for the rights of African Americans in the United States but for the rights and respects of African Americans around the globe. These times of fighting altered the lives of women living in a strongly patriarchal society by giving females a chance to live independently and successfully while their husbands were at war. American males came back from battle to find a stronger, liberated nation that was now influenced by voices in society that were muted…show more content…
It can be said that the roots of the feminist movement began in 1861 with the start of this brutal war.      Quoting Dr. William Carrigan, Professor of History at Rowan University, “When men were away fighting in the Civil War, women managed the farms and took on the duties that their husbands once had. Women became individuals during the war” (Carrigan, personal interview). Women did change their lives dramatically from 1861 to 1865, assuming many chores and responsibilities that many thought females could not handle (Carrigan, personal interview). The wives of the plantation owners assumed many responsibilities and single- Clarkson 3 handedly ran the South for four long years. Douglas Grunn, member of the 33rd New Jersey Volunteer Infantry Reenactment Group, said in a recent interview that women in the North also played a key role in the results of the Civil War. Many women would sew flags, make bullets, act as field nurses, and administer bandages to aid their husbands and soldiers (Grunn, personal interview). Everyday field nurses would impact the war by saving the lives of soldiers who needed serious and quick medical care. The U.S. Civil War would have resulted differently if it weren’t for the many females who decided to put their efforts into the war.      Even though it was considered wrong and illegal, over 400 women fought during the Civil War

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