Civil War Paper

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Emily Keepers
History Final
May 7, 2012

Final Paper

The North and South differed greatly economically. The southern communities were still lagging behind, relying on slave labor to keep their plantations producing. They made their money through farming and plantation work. There were a few that held a majority of the money. These people were the elite plantation owners. Pierce Butler, for example, owned Butler Island and was one of the wealthiest plantation owners. The South also followed the Culture of Deference. They believed that God put them in their places on purpose and that they should follow as He had planned. They relied on the bible to justify slavery. The northern communities, on the other hand, wanted change. They were
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The southern communities were left in shambles. Slavery was ended because of fear of revolt and the possibility they could team up with the Native Americans and go on a killing spree. The fourteenth amendment to the Constitution set this point in history. Sadly, reconstruction was a complete failure.
The Freedman’s Bureau lasted for only seven years, and with the northerners “waving the bloody shirt,” the southerners just wanted them to get out of their territory. The reconstruction finally ended with the Compromise of 1877. With this compromise, a Republican became president, even though the Democratic candidate won, and the northerners left the southern lands. The plantations began to go under without the free labor, and the newly freed slaves were homeless with no money or place to live. With some begging, Andrew Jackson agreed to give the plantation owners their land back. The former slaves returned to their plantations and now tried sharecropping. Against their liking, the children had to continue working the fields. Things continue this way until the Civil Rights Movement many years later. The Native American participation in the Civil War was very unique. The treaty party, or the Pro-removal Indians, saw expansion as inevitable. They were made of “mixed bloods” or part Indian, part European, and we assimilated into the white man’s culture. Many were actually plantation owners with slaves. They signed an illegal

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