Civil War Reconstruction Research Paper

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The United States faced a Civil War from April 12, 1861 to April 9, 1865. The Civil War was caused by disagreements between the North and the South on certain social issues and state rights, because of this, the South decided it was its own country and left the Union. After the Civil War reconstruction had to take place. Reconstruction is a program made by the federal government from 1865-1877 to repair the damage caused by the Civil War and restore southern states back to the Union (Lapsansky-Werner, et al. 958). Problems associated with Reconstruction affected the South’s ability to industrialize after the Civil War in multiple ways. This affected the nation as a whole concerning factors such as economic development, infrastructure, labor and human rights. The three major problems of Reconstruction consisted of the strategies for the southern states to rejoin the Union, the southern economy to be rebuilt and identification of the rights that African Americans will have. There were questions whether to punish or forgive the south; give land to former slaves or seize and sell the land to former…show more content…
Democrats gained control of the House of Representatives and wealthy white southern men were reinstated as governors. During the end of reconstruction, an economic panic leads to a depression. The most influential banks failed and the economy was in trouble. Across the nation, bank failures and job losses added to concerns of the northerners. After Reconstruction, the introduction of tax-supported school systems. The economy expanded from one crop cotton to a range of agricultural and industrial products. The effects of reconstruction were the introduction of tax-supported by the school system, federal money to modernize railroads and ports and a gradual transition from a wage economy to a barter and credit system. (Prentice Hall “United States History 1850 to the present”, page
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