Civil War Research

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In my research I hope to explore the range of resources that will allow me to answer my questions. Some of the sources needed would include: oral histories and personal narratives from key participates like Jose Figueres (Don Peep), Henrietta Boggs, Manuel Mora, Caldron and more. I believe the oral histories will allow me to interpret the ideologies each person shared before and during the Civil War. Other documents that I believe will have a vital influence on my history are documents from the United States Government. The C.I.A has multiple documents that were produced in the years leading up to and during the Costa Rican Civil War. I believe these documents will allow me to explore the role the United States played. Finally I also hope…show more content…
As for secondary sources I intended on referring to a variety of different sources, some of which will look at other nations and how they developed during the cold war era. This will help me access in what ways Costa Rica was unique. Continuing reviewing secondary sources I hope to review how the role of neo-imperialism affected the recourses to the civil war itself and if the United States played any major role after the Figueres left office. I also believe that the secondary sources I use will allow me to place the narrative of Costa Rica’s civil war in historical context compared to other nations around this era. I hope to briefly compare Costa Rica’s civil war with that of other nations.
When writing the paper itself I intend on breaking the paper up into different sections following a chronological order. I intend on exploring what occurred that lead Costa Rica to move to a Civil War. I then want to explore the Civil War itself and what Jose Figueres and the other rebels were fighting for. This section will focus on ideologies of the Civil War. Then I wish to explore why Costa Rica did not turn into dictatorship, in this section I which to explore in what ways Costa Rica was different than so many other nations during the Cold War. Table of Contents:
• Introduction: o In this section I intend discussing the historiography of the Costa Rican Civil War, discuss the methods that I have utilized while
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