Civil War Technologies

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Civil War Technologies The Civil War was an extremely important time of crisis for our country that 620,000 soldiers were slaughtered in. This number is the highest in the history of any American war. Most people believe those soldiers died of gunshot wounds or amputations, but most of them without fatal wounds died from diseases that they had never before been exposed to. Two times the amount of troops died from these diseases than those were killed in battle. These diseases were caused because of the fact that people didn’t think they had to sterilize wounds. The Civil War caused many improvements in medicine and hospitals so they became much more efficient. At the beginning of the war, most people believed it would only last a few weeks or a couple months, at the most. Because of this, not much money was used for hiring surgeons or doctors. This being said, most surgeons didn’t truly have a formal education in the medical field. Because of this, they didn’t really know what bacteria was, much less what it could do, which is why they were ignorant as to what caused illnesses and diseases. Most surgeons that tended to the wounded during the Civil War had also never dealt with a gun shot wound or executed a surgical operation, which brought about the fact that they weren’t truly certified at all. Most of them would usually only have 2 years of education, with only work out of a book during the first year, and the year after that would usually just be the same thing

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