Civil War : The United States

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All of these differences, combined, led to a fractured United States. The country could not reconcile due to these heavy feelings about slavery. Because of that, it was inevitable that the American Civil War would occur. During the Civil War, both sides believed that they were right and had God’s blessing to fight for their causes – emancipation or the right to secede due to slavery. Indeed, it seemed to be that war was the only possible solution during the 1860s. The Oneida Association believed that only through a civil war could the issue of slavery finally be settled. In their circular it is written, “Facts reveal the causes of our peril, and as distinctly exhibit the means of its permanent removal. Civil War is, indeed, the necessity of the case; and for its terrible scenes of carnage and desolation, we must prepare ourselves.” Another Baptist group, the Freewill Baptists of the North, also echoed this sentiment. In the Freewill Baptist General Conference, it is written, “The true friends of God and man in these United States were ready to pour out their treasures and their blood, with the spirit of the early martyrs, to secure the blessings of civil and religious liberty to their country and posterity.” Ultimately, the Civil War would envelope the entirety of America both politically and spiritually. “It was also a war that aroused extraordinary passions. The fighting was done mostly by volunteers; yet by the time it was finally done, more than three and a half…

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