Civil War Vs Confederacy Essay

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In 1861 the United States witnessed a division within itself. As a result a war, better known as the Civil war, broke out due to the South’s declaration for their independence. In the beginning of the Civil war, President Lincoln's main goal was to preserve the union. Although many assumed the Civil war’s primary goal was to abolish slavery, that simply wasn't the case. The Union and the Confederacy both wanted to preserve a way of life. The difference between the Union and the confederacy, and what ultimately started the Civil war, was that both sides wanted to preserve life differently. These differences brought many changes throughout the war, and along those changes came many consequences.
The Confederacy’s goal was independence. They wanted to gain independence from the
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In the Civil war the North defeated the south, and as a result the Confederates were devastated. One of the consequences of the civil war was the amount of life that was taken during this time. The destruction of life and property were enormous. The south had many consequences as a result of the civil war. The confederates suffered economically by the civil war. Because most of the fighting was done in the south, a lot of the land was ruined. As a result the south had to rebuild. There was a lot of physical damage done to the region. Most of the best agricultural land were destroyed. Many major cities, like Richmond were destroyed, and farm values diminished. The Confederates believed the Union had limited their constitutional rights to make their own political, social and economic decision. To them the real issue was liberty not slavery. Both the North and the South had slaves, but by the end of the war many slaves were freed and a minority of slaves in the south fled to the union. African Americans weren’t allowed to enlists in neither armies, but as the war went on the union admitted black soldiers, but at a lower pay than the whites. ( Foner
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