Civil War Vs State Reconstruction Essay

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The postwar in the south led to collapsed property value,damaged railroads and agriculture ruined. Planters faced with overwhelming economic difficulties keeping the fields active with the lack of workers for their fields. Newly freed slaves faced an even greater problem they had no idea what to do with their newfound freedom. Blacks gained new rights and opportunities, before the law they could not do much now they have right to be married, attend school,and own property. The new Radical Republican state government even put a public school in the south for blacks. Nearly 600,000 black students, from youth to elderly, were in the southern schools by 1877. Even with State reconstruction officials tried to prohibit discrimination, schools were…show more content…
In 1868, General Ulysses S.Grant ran for president as a republican with the slogan, “Let us have peace” signing the Reconstruction policy of the congress, payment of the national debt with gold, and cautious defense of black suffrage. Grant had 300,000 more popular votes than Seymour, with more than 500,000 black voters. But Grant was not as successful in office as he was in battle. Republicans promised if Haynes was to be elected then he would withdraw federal troops from the south, allowing the remaining Republican Reconstruction government to collapse. Also promising to support the bill that would subsidize construction of the southern transcontinental railroad line. Then came about the compromise stating Democrats justification to desert Tilden, allowing them to regain political rule in the south. This causing the republicans to quietly give up their fight for racial equality and blacks’ rights in the south. Over the next three decades, the rights once promised to blacks had been disregarded under white rule, the fight for black rights had been forgotten as they were segregated and condemned to live in poverty with little to no hope. This left freedmen where they started, leaving behind the legacy of the thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth
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