Civil War in Literature and Film

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BGS 3996-The American Civil War in Literature and Film Fall 2013 Final Paper December 7, 2013 BGS 3996-The American Civil War Final Paper The American Civil War was a dark time in our nation’s history, but as with most events in history, there are both positive and negative aspects and conclusions to be drawn from this war. How someone views the positives vs. negatives is going to vary based on what side of the war they find themselves agreeing with and supporting. If your family had strong southern ties, what you view as a negative is likely to be seen as positive to someone from the northern states. This would especially be true when looking at the war from a “costs of war” perspective; it is arguable that the South lost much,…show more content…
The South however had nowhere near the same development, which severely crippled their ability to move goods and people during the war. The telegraph was another part of the infrastructure that the North was able to facilitate, which led to communications abilities that had never before been available. Infrastructures weren’t the only technological advances seen during the Civil War, more advanced weapons and the use of the first submarine by the U. S. Navy were also realized during this war. Perhaps the greatest outcome to the Civil War was the fact that in the end, this country stayed together and didn’t break apart to form two separate nations. Although most of the destruction took place in the South, the Northern states were able to assist with rebuilding after the war was over, Lincoln made sure that there were designs in place to return the South to normal as soon as possible following the end of the war, unfortunately he wasn’t around to make sure that it happened as planned. Because of this a lot of different opinions on how Reconstruction should proceed were brought forth, and it ended up being a long uphill battle, but nonetheless, the South was rebuilt. Given all of the costs and disadvantages versus the advantages and few good things to come out of the Civil War, I can undoubtedly say
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