Civil Wars And The Civil War

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Therefore, the fact that ISIL has become very active in the context of civil war could be a strong indicator of its affiliation to AQ. This, as Robbins (2014) argues, is because civil wars can be said to be better and more reliable predictors of AQ affiliated groups than mere affiliation. This further means that the civil wars in Syria and Iraq could be better used to determine which groups taking part are AQ-affiliated than the mere fact that the groups have been known to be affiliated. It means that being known as an AQ affiliate does not matter much in determining the true affiliation of a group to AQ as does the group’s participation in civil wars (Robbins, 2014). ISIL emerged as very strong terrorist group within the context of the Iraqi civil war and has continued to show its lethality in the civil war in Syria (Laub and Masters, 2014). These two civil wars could be used, therefore, to better determine whether or not ISIL is actually an AQ affiliate. Determining this would in turn help in ascertaining the level of threat posed by AQ. Al Qaeda and New Technology According to Hoffman (2013), the advent of new technology has been a very important development in the tactical and strategic operations of AQ. The Internet, through various online communication platforms, has no doubt served AQ quite well given the way it has used it to escape detection and to propagate its ideology. Unlike in the past when AQ leadership and commanders had to physically meet to plan on the

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