Civility From A Teacher 's Stand Point And ' Play With Your Food, Just Don 't Text ``

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Civility is manners. Doing simple behaviors like not chewing with one’s mouth open while eating or holding doors open for others can be considered as simple acts of civility. In the two essays “What is Civility?” by P.M. Forni and “Play with Your Food, Just Don’t Text” by Sara Rimer, they discuss civility. In Forni’s essay, he discusses civility from a teacher’s stand point, and Rimer focuses on technology and how it leads to a lack of civility in a lot of homes worldwide. Although they have two different stand points, they both focus on the similar aspect of civility being significant. Civility is important because it allows Americans to get along with each other by showing simple actions of courtesy, having manners, and being polite. One individual who believes civility is very significant is P. M. Forni, who wrote the essay, “What is Civility?” to validate his opinion. As a teacher, Forni believes when teachers choose not to teach their students basic civility components, they are failing and that his students should be kind people when it comes to other peoples’ feelings. Also, he believes teaching his students civility is very important and only a positive outcome for them. He first gives each of his students the opportunity during a workshop, to state what they believe civility is and some gave answers like care, consideration, justice, tolerance, etiquette, and tact (Forni 455). He states that doing even the simplest things like saying “please” and “thank you”, and

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