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Contemporary Moral Issues: (In) Civility as a Moral Issue
Our primary focus this semester is Civility, or lack thereof, as a moral issue. Though written centuries apart, the two books under review share a common base i.e. optimism for the betterment of society. Plato in The Republic speaks about the ideal virtues of the soul and Davetian goes on to tell us the current problems with American civility. I think what we can take from both readings is a sense that human intellect and virtue can and will ultimately lead us to a better society.
To fully understand the basic concepts of societal values that should be understood, and in turn followed, The Republic (Plato, Reprinted 1985) is an important piece of literature. Written almost as a
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Warriors play their role in defending their city, and are called auxiliaries. And then they approached "the most important business in the city, the task of the guardians."
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