Civility Throughout Modern Society : What Impacts How We Treat Others?

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Civility In Modern Society:
What Impacts How We Treat Others?
Elizabeth Higginbotham
Kean University


The following paper is an analysis of different societal conditions that impact the individual’s manners and the civility of the interaction between members of the society. The studies that were reviewed in the following paper cover many variables and scenarios that may affect the way a person interacts with another member of society.
The methodology of the study conducted by the researcher and author of this paper was a simple observation, which did not require any difficult-to-obtain equipment. Therefore, the only obstacle in the study would be recreating the environment.
The results would show that in the particular location in which the study was conducted, individuals with cars that were predetermined to be “more expensive” showed slightly less civility toward their fellow citizens that were driving “less expensive” cars. There was a small effect size reported at -.16.

Civility in Modern Society:
What Impacts How We Treat Others?

Incivility is an epidemic in modern society, and can be explained as a general lack of respect for the fellow members of society. It is a condition that is only made worse when perpetuated by an individuals onto another individual via impolite actions. Incivility can be defined as anything from an impolite interaction between two passing cars, to vandalism of a home.
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