Civilization Of Mesopotamia Civilization

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Mesopotamia Civilization
Mesopotamia is one of the oldest civilization in the history. Contrary to other unified civilization like Greece or Egypt, Mesopotamia civilization was a collection of different cultures and the scripts bore their bonds. This included their attitudes towards women as well as their gods. The laws, customs and the language of Akkad, for instance did not correspond to that of the Babylonians (Oppenheim, 2013). However, Pantheon of gods, rights of women and importance of literacy were shared in the entire region. depending on the periods and regions, the gods were given different names. Therefore, many empires and civilizations were as a result of Mesopotamia civilization. it is usually regarded as the cradle of
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The Mesopotamians believed that the land possessed by demons and spirits and that they were co-workers with the gods. According to them, they believed that the beginning of the world was due to the victory of the gods over the forces of nature and that also the gods had won, this did not mean that the chaos could not come back again. The citizens of the land were expected to honor the elders and the gods in their day-to-day activities.
Work was meant for both men and women of the land. Keeping of livestock and growing of crops were the main occupation in Mesopotamia. Women seemed to enjoy equal rights since they could own land, file for divorce, make contacts in trade and own their own businesses. It is to be noted that the healers and the brewers of wine and beer were initially women. The work that one did was considered as their contribution to the community and to the gods other than being considered as an occupation or a job.
A temple was built at the centre of every city. Every community that the city presided over was required to worship the deity. The cities became the first in the world and were built of sub-dried bricks. There stones which could be quarried in the land but the decided to use bricks in their architectural works. There were also plenty of other natural resources such as timber. All their buildings including the pyramids and the temple complexes were built using the sun-dried bricks.
Before the construction of any
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