Civilization, Paleolithic, And The Neolithic Era

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The terms “civilization”, “paleolithic”, and “neolithic”are just names that are used very frequently by historians, anthropologists,and archaeologists. The purpose of these names are so that they could categorize different societies into some sort of order of how complex they are.Depending on what the societies had, what they did, how they worked ,and the way that they were organized, they were grouped into a time period where that lifestyle was in process. The Paleolithic Era was a time when societies were not as complex, it was when people had lived by gathering wild foods (examples: berries,nuts,roots and grain), scavenging dead animals, hunting, and fishing.About 95% of the time that humans have lived on this earth, it's has been sustained by the Paleolithic lifestyle or also known as hunting and gathering.The hunter and gatherer people didn't have any advanced technology or tools, they used stone rather than metal and that is why it has also been labeled as the “Old Stone Age”.Then, around 12,000 years ago, agriculture came into the picture and this refers to the “Neolithic Revolution” or also known as the “Agricultural Revolution”.This time was when humans had advanced remarkably, humans began cultivating certain types of plants, practiced taming and breeding certain types of animals.This new way of life had eventually replaced the old way of life, although a few paleolithic societies had lasted (even to this day),but majority had adapted to using agriculture.During
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