Civilization Versus Savagery in Golding's Lord of the Flies Essay

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The novel “Lord of the Flies” was written by William Golding to demonstrate the problems of society and the sinful nature of man.
Golding uses symbols, characters and objects to represent his main ideas and themes. The conch was used to call meetings but is also symbolic of the government structure and power. One of the main themes in the novel “Civilization vs. Savagery” is fought between two egos, Jack the Id who represents savagery and the desire for power and Ralph the Ego and protagonist, who represents order and leadership. William Golding created a society that was controlled by the dominant ego and influenced mostly by the person with the most manpower. Jack who was the leader of the hunter group influences the rest to join
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While Ralph’s group’s were to make shelter’s.
Ralph calls upon regular meetings that everyone will attend, to discuss important issues. He also decides that the person holding the conch shell and this person alone will be the only one aloud to talk. Ralph brings ideas and rules that bring law and order (Civilization) to the island. Unlike Ralph who wants to retain a civilized society on the island Jack shows little interest in the idea of rules.

But this democratic society does not last very long as the children (especially Jack) have a lack of respect and interest for the conch and the rules. We can see this happen when Jack says, “We don’t need the conch anymore, and we know who should say things.” As the conch represents democracy we can see that civilization on the island is crumbling and savagery is starting to take over.

Jack had successfully killed his first pig and the hunters began chant a song “Kill the beast! Cut his throat! Spill his blood!” – (pg. 152) The kids dance around a slaughtered mother pig spilling the pigs’ intestines on the ground and rubbing the blood on each other’s faces. When all authority is taken out of the picture, the kids are free to do whatever they want. This is where their true nature is exposed. The boys don’t put into practice their teachings from school on the island, but become savage beasts. This shows us that man is civilized in our society, only because of the fear for higher authority, not because
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