Civilized Environment In The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn

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The setting of the novel begins in the peaceful Southern American town of St. Petersburg Missouri of the 1840s, 30 years before the civil war. In the opening of the novel “the adventures of Huckleberry Finn” as Huck has been adopted by the widow Douglass, the widow, and her sister Miss.Watson employs the majority of their time trying to make Huckleberry a better person by attempting to educate him and teach him the stories of the bible. They hope that Huck can grow up and become a gentlemen by forcing him to learn how to read and write, but in the same way they are trying to teach him manners, Huckleberry wants to not be bound by any rules so how does the uncivilized experienced Huckleberry Finn prefer to live a natural life on the outside rather than living in a civilized environment? As it says in the first paragraph huck prefers to live a carefree life for example, instead of going to school and read books he prefers to go fishing. Is not like he dislikes all his foster parents, he prefers to live life as an uncivilized child since the beginning he was homeless. He traveled across the Mississippi River with Jim living a life of freedom by losing contact with civilization. Furthermore, every time he made contact with society Huck and Jim did have an awful time, not only huck felt guilty about helping Jim escape from slavery but also convicted with the thought of losing him, huck knows he is doing something wrong because society has taught him that is wrong
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