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Civl War Research Final
From the Commandant’s Office, Navy Yard, Washington, August 16 1862.
The operations of the Potomac and Rappahannock started with eight on board the Blossom. One person who was named Bagley was reported being engaged in traffic between the states of Virginia and Maryland upward to a full year. There were 30 sacks of wheat on the vessel. On the 11th instant, Acting Master Josselyn chased and ran on shore a small sloop which was attempting to cross to Virginia from Breton’s Bay. The crew managed to escape while also destroying or carrying with them everything except some salt and 2 hogsheads of sugar. The prisoners, vessel, and prize goods are secure and were handed over to the provost-marshal which was according to
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Letter from commandant navy yard, Washington, to Lieutenant-Commander Magaw, U. S. Navy, senior officer Potomac Flotilla, regarding the skirmish in Sturgeon Creek and other matters. Washington, August 18, 1862. He reports that he has received the letter of the 15th instant with the enclosed reports of the Acting Master J. C. Tole and Francis Josselyn. With Reference to the skirmish in Sturgeon Creek, [Virginia], he had make a remark that it is never proper to risk the lives of men for an inadequate object. He does not intend to censure Acting Master Tole without knowing the circumstances connected to the issue, but wished to explain the general principles and ask him why after his party was attacked and driven off the assailants, he made sure that he did not destroy the vessel to prevent her from being used for the purpose to prevent which he attempted to take her out. The boat’s crew are worthy of commendation for their good conduct, and hoped that the commander would take such notice of them in the way of advancement as it would be in his power. The prisoners taken in from Breton’s Bay by the Reliance were all delivered to the provost-marshal, the woman sent up with them only was discharged, and coming upon their
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