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How the Police Access Data to Obtain Criminal Information Tammy Mills CJ216-01 November 15, 2011 Carter Schoenberg How the Police Access Data to Obtain Criminal Information Law enforcement communicates between every state in the United States. Each state uses different programs which makes up different types of databases, and keeps track of just about everyone who has some sort of identification. A drivers license is the most common form of identification, and everyone in the United States is suppose to obtain a up-to-date drivers license to drive a vehicle legally. Tammy is going to the state of Florida with her Uncle Bob and her uncle is driving because she does not have a valid driver’s license. Tammy has only an…show more content…
After they have spent enough time cooling off Bob and Tammy hit the road again for the millionth time. As Bob and Tammy pass the miles by Tammy begins to doze off, she eventually passes out and awakens just as they enter a small town 50 miles from the county lines of Alabama. Bob and Tammy decide to stop at a rest area for the night and obtain some more sleep. When Tammy awakens she discovers that Bob has stopped to obtain food and gas. Tammy finds out that they are halfway through Alabama, and she slept 10 hours. Bob returns to the car, Tammy eats, and they are on the road again close to their destination. Tammy obtains excitement when she sees the sign for Florida, but what she does not know is that everything is about to turn upside down when they pull up into a Dairy Queen in Miami Florida. The Initial Traffic Stop The whole trip, the speed limit was 70 miles per hour. Bob is used to the speed and forgot the speed limit decreases to 35 miles per hour. When Bob and Tammy entered Miami city limits Tammy noticed a patrol car behind them. The patrol car followed them for about a minute before she saw the red and blue lights come on. Bob noticed the patrol car also and pulled into a Dairy Queen parking lot. Bob’s behavior changed in an instant. Bob starts to sweat, and he is gripping the steering wheel. The police officer walks up to the driver side window

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