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Case Review Worksheet CJ/354 Week Two Worksheet Part I: Case Review Review the cases below by going to the “Detailed Contents” section of the Contemporary Criminal Law textbook. After reviewing the case, select the defense that was represented in the case from the following list: necessity | self-defense | defense of others | defense of home and property | resisting unlawful arrest | consent | duress | intoxication | mistake | age or infancy defense | entrapment | syndrome-based defenses | insanity defense | | | 1. Case 1: State v. Dejarlais State v. Dejarlais section in Ch. 8 of Contemporary Criminal Law Defense used: Consent 2. Case 2: Lopez v. State Lopez v. State section in Ch. 9 of…show more content…
Criminal conspiracy is an example of an inchoate offense. Criminal solicitation is another example, as well as attempts to commit a crime. 3. Using Contemporary Criminal Law and Criminal Law Today, list the identified steps to brief a case. Why is it important to follow these steps? Steps by which Contemporary Law briefs a case: 1. The name of the case, and year 2. The state or federal court that the case is being held and the judge that is writing the decision 3. The relevant facts about the case 4. The criminal charge 5. The issue that the court is addressing about the case 6. Holding 7. Reasoning 8. Disposition 9. Concurring 10. Public policy and psychology 11. Personal opinion, whether you agree with the court decision or not? Steps by which Criminal Law today briefs a case: 1. Case citation 2. Facts about the case 3. Brief procedural 4. Summation of the issues involved about the case 5. The court’s decision 6. The rationale that is provided from the court 7. The notes that the person got from the case 4. Using the Appendix from Ch. 1 of Contemporary Criminal Law as a resource, explain the citations for each of the following cases: a. George T. v. California section in Ch. 2 of Contemporary Criminal Law Incident occurred 2002 and Supreme Court ruled on 2004. 33 Cal. 4th 620, 93 P.3d 1007, 16 Cal Rptr.3d 61, 190 Ed.

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