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Rene Balderrama CJ227-03: Criminal Procedure Unit 4 Project April 19, 2011 Professor: Kurt Austin Zimmer Since John was in custody, what are the procedural steps the police were required to take once John began to incriminate himself? The police have no obligation to stop John Doe from making any statements. “Excited Utterance” made by a defendant before being questioned are admissible as statements given under Miranda advisement. Once the police begin to question John Doe regarding the theft, then they are required to read or provide Mr. Doe with his Miranda Warnings. Miranda rights (Miranda rule, Miranda warning) n. the requirement set by the U. S. Supreme Court in Miranda v. Alabama (1966) that prior to the time of arrest and any…show more content…
The suspect usually receives bail, but in this case I believe that an arraignment will come first due to the legal status of the defendant. The court could choose either a preliminary hearing or grand jury proceeding to establish probable cause for the felony charges in this case. Compare and contrast the two procedures. Preliminary hearing would indicate that John Doe was arrested and a complaint issued or filed with the Ocean County of where the violation occurred. Thus, prompting the judicial process: i.e. Preliminary hearing, plea, and trial. Grand jury would entail the officer or ADA presents the Grand Jury with the facts or probable cause of reasons why John Doe was arrested. Grand Jury could hear testimony from the officer and witnesses associated with the case. Once the facts are presented the Grand Jury would have an opportunity to ask questions. After the hearing, the Grand Jury would be requested to vote and either issues a true bill of indictment or find a no bill for Mr. John Doe. Identify what issues the judge would take into consideration when setting bond for John. “Many illegal immigrants out on bail commit another crime or vanish before trial”-SUSAN CARROLL Houston Chronicle. Since Mr. Doe is in the United States illegally the

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