Cja 304 Week 1 Assignment

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Effective Communication
Pamela Clark
CJS 304
April 30, 2012
Dr. Stephen A. Morreale

Communication is a two-way process that takes practice and time to be fully effective and is very important in every aspect our personal and professional lives. We communicate every day of our lives both verbally or nonverbally. The process of verbal communication is the exchanging information by transmitting an idea, send that idea, receive feedback, understand the idea and the feedback and provide feedback to the person who sent the message. The main components of communication are context, encoder, message, medium, decoder, and feedback. The context could be social, chronological, cultural, or physical. The individual sending the message will
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The four types of barriers to effective communication are emotional barriers, physical barriers, semantic barriers, and ineffective listening (Wallace & Roberson, 2009). Emotional barriers can be present in either the sender or the receiver and may be based on personal experiences or expectations. Physical barriers are considered to be an obstruction in which it makes it difficult to allow free flow of information. For example, a physical barrier can be an officer reporting information regarding a crime or equipment malfunctions to a supervisor. A semantic barrier is the study of the development and meaning of words. In the Criminal Justice system officers can interpret a term, such as “juvenile delinquent” in different ways. This can mean that the juvenile is hard core and under age youth or a youth acting out. Having the ability to understand the meaning of these terms can result in bad communication for the organization. Ineffective listening is the failure to hear or receive the speaker’s message. I have found that causes of ineffective listening are uninteresting topics, critiquing of the speaker, emotional involvement, and failure to adjust to distractions and emotional content or offensive words. Effective listening requires an environment and training to be conductive to concentration of the speaker and receptiveness of the receiver. Strategies that can be implemented to overcome barriers
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