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Courtroom Participation Chart LTB CJA/224 January 22, 2013 University of Phoenix Material Courtroom Participant Chart Complete the following chart. | |What are the individual’s responsibilities in the |Why is it important for these responsibilities to be | | |courtroom process? |fulfilled adequately? (Consider the effect of | | | |overzealousness as compared with the effect of | | | |underperformance.) | | |A prosecutor is…show more content…
The judge has to keep personal opinions from | | | |influencing the verdict of the jury. It is imperative | | | |that witnesses be questioned by the judge if he or she | | | |needs additional information to clarify that individual | | | |or any other individual’s testimony so as to avoid any | | | |misunderstandings with the jury members. The judge is | | | |in total control of the courtroom at all times. | | |There are two types of juries used in the United |The competence of a jury is very important to the outcome| |Juror |States. One being a grand jury which requires a jury|of a criminal and sometimes civil trial. The jury must | | |to decide whether or not the case has enough legal |come into a trial with no personal biases or prejudices. | | |evidence to continue to a criminal trial. Also there|If a juror holds personal beliefs over the evidence | | |is a petit jury in which

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