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CJA Signature Assignment 1. Scenario: You are the first responding officer to a “dead body” call. The body is located on a dirt road in a remote area that can be best described as “desert terrain.” As you approach the crime scene in your patrol vehicle, you notice the body lying in the middle of the road. Around the body are numerous large rocks and bushes. You also notice the following in and around the crime scene: Footprints Tire tracks Personal belongings of the victim strewn about A beer bottle in the road Dried blood on the sand and on several rocks Considering the above, what steps would you take to secure this crime scene? As I pull up to the crime scene as the first responder,…show more content…
4. Scenario: You are investigating a homicide involving a victim found dead in his apartment with a single gunshot wound to the head. You discover a suicide note. What key steps would you take to determine this death was truly a suicide and not a murder? I would start by collecting the suicide note and have the lab examine it for any fingerprints or any other DNA. Also I would have a handwriting analyst examine the writing on the note compared to the history of the victim’s day-to-day handwriting. Then I would start to examine the body. I would look at enter and exit wounds from the bullet to see it they are in a line that would make sense of a suicide. I would check the firearm for fingerprints and do a ballistics test on the bullet to make sure it came from that specific gun. Also I would check the body for any kind of physical bruising or wounds that would suggest a struggle. 5. Scenario: You are investigating a series of related robberies and burglaries. What steps could you take to identify/recover stolen property related to these offenses? First I would question everyone that was robed/burglarized to try and find any similarities. For example, if the thief is consistent with the item types he is stealing; it might help narrow down what part of town he will attempt theft again. Also I would try and see if I could get a description of the criminal or vehicle from the victims that did get a visual. I would ask for

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