Cjhs 430 Week 1 Individual Assignment 2 Essay

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Human service workers and criminal justice system Student Name: Instructor: College: Course: Date Human service workers and criminal justice system In the given case there is argument whether human service workers can provide psychotherapy treatment to the people. Because the social workers may have good intention for helping the needy people but at the same time they are not professional in providing psychotherapeutic counseling. The initial issue was that state police office had shared the information with licensed clinical social worker but at the same time the later do not have authority to gather such information. It is also true that an individual cannot identify the needs of psychotherapeutic counseling unless a…show more content…
Social work practice would also include teaching of all relevant subjects and matter of conducting research into problems of conflict and human behaviour. The Court suggests one last policy justification: since psychotherapist privilege statutes exist in all the States, the failure to recognize a privilege in federal courts "would frustrate the purposes of the state legislation that was enacted to foster these confidential communications." The Court's failure to put forward a convincing justification of its own could perhaps be excused if it were relying upon the unanimous conclusion of state courts in the reasoned development of their common law. It cannot do that, since no State has such a privilege apart from legislation. The Court concedes that there is "divergence among the States concerning the types of therapy relationships protected and the exceptions recognized." "The reasons for recognizing a privilege for treatment by psychiatrists and psychologists apply with equal force to treatment by a clinical social worker such as Karen Beyer. Today, social workers provide a significant amount of mental health treatment. Their clients often include the poor and those of modest means who could not afford the assistance of a psychiatrist or psychologist, but whose counselling sessions serve the same public goals." The human service providers assist

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