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Behavior Plan Template

Use this template to create behavioral plans for assignments in Weeks Two and Three. Fill in each section and provide additional information as needed.

Client Identifying Information
List all pertinent and known identifying information.
35 (About)
Describe all pertinent and known history.
He has suffered from depression in the past.
He does not talk about his family, which seems to be an interesting area because he only talks about himself.
Substance Abuse
There is no history of substance abuse, but since he has suffered from a past of depression there could be medications involved.
Developmental and Social
Max does
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Relationship/Emotional issues is an important area that Max need to work on. He needs to be able have a relationship with others that does not consist of him being selfish or dominiating. This behavior needs to be targeted for three months because he does not know how to interact with people without being dominating or using sex to his advantage to get what he wants.
Severity and Number of Relapses
If Max does not get this behavior under control he could have to do prison or jail time. He could also run into the wrong person and lose his life or be seriously injured. He has relapsed around 4 times, it has been difficult for him.
Max needs to learn how to have a normal relationship with a person, that uses the correct emotions and is not all about himself. There will come a time when he is truly alone and has nobody because they do not like how dominating and arrogant he was. He could resort back into depression. He has relapsed around 5 times because he cannot stop being dominating and arrogant.
Max needs to be in angermanagment classes, along with group and one-on-one therapy. He also needs do some sort of community service.
Max needs to be in one-on-one therapy and group therapy. He should volunteer at homeless shelters, so he can appreciate what he has and improve his own self-worth. He should be

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