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Robert Yarbrough
Professor: Joseph Moore

My director is not aware of the relationships between the Department of Homeland Security and private sector companies. She has requested an information paper that shows her why these relationships are important, as well as how the DHS uses these companies as a tool for the protection of critical infrastructure and key resources.

To: Director, Executive Secretariat of the Office of the Secretary, DHS

From: Action Officer, Executive Secretariat of the Office of the Secretary, DHS

Cooperation with all levels and forms of security entities is of paramount importance. We cannot profess to be the best at what we do if we are blind to this fact. There
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That being said, even though we don’t really have a direct hand in these other SSA run Sectors, we do have an opportunity to assist with any lessons learned in the running of our particular sectors through Critical Infrastructure Cross – Sector Councils, made up of the chair and vice-chair of each SSA. This gives us the ability to not only offer up advice to other SSAs, but also to hear and utilize methods that are currently working for other agencies as well. (dhs.gov/critical-infrastructure-sector-partnerships)

In order to put these complicated processes into perspective, I’ll be giving a few examples of DHS missions that involve coordination between SSAs, State, Local, Tribal, or Territorial agencies, and private enterprise.

A very recent and relevant example is security operations for Super Bowl 50. The game was played last night at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, a suburb of San Francisco, California. DHS agencies including the TSA, CBP, ICE, Coast Guard, the Secret Service, FEMA, our Office of Intelligence and Analysis, and our National Protection and Programs Directorate teamed up with local and state law enforcement agencies, as well as security experts employed by the National Football League, as

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