Ckd Case Study

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A review of her medical record indicates medical history of CKD stage 3 that is stable, NIDDM-stable. She also suffers from Afib, muscle weakness, hypothyroid, major depression, UTI, Bipolar, GERD, HTN, anemia and Anxiety.

At today’s visit she is seen at Tiffany hall SNF. She is found in her room. She is awake and alert and oriented. She c/o of pain in her hips and knees, that she describe as achy with a severity of 5/10, the pain does not radiate but does affect her ability to ambulate, she is using a wheelchair. Her pain regimen is Lortab 7.5 mg p.o every 4 hours. She reports that she has increased hip pain when she sleeps on her mattress because she sinks in her mattress. She is schedule to follow up with her orthopedic doctor Dr. Shute.
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