Claes Oldenburg

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Claes Oldenburg is known for his unique sculptures that reflect the pop-culture era. Born in Sweden, his family moved to the United States when Oldenburg was just a baby. When Oldenburg got older her attended Yale University and moved to New York where he met the two people that inspired him artistically, Jim Dine and Allan Kaprow. With this inspiration, Oldenburg began his career as an artist.
Oldenburg first opened small exhibits around New York filled with sculptures he created out of paper mache and plaster. From here his art took off and began catching the attention of people everywhere. In the 1960’s Oldenburg rented out a space in New York and filled it with sculptures that depicted diner food, cheap clothing, and other manufactured items. Oldenburg called this “The Store”. The sculptures that he created in “The Store” were called soft sculptures. These types of sculptures are made from cloth, foam, rubber, paper and other type of “soft” materials. These works of art are now known as the first sculptural expression of pop art. With the popularity stemming from Oldenburg’s exhibits, he soon realized he wanted to expand and
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Oldenburg uses bright colors and brings his art to life. I take particular fascination in his outside sculptures because he truly makes you feel so small compared to his masterpieces. Oldenburg places his sculptures in many major cities, Philadelphia being one of them. He created the “Paint Torch” in 2011 in center city and I have had the opportunity to pass by this masterpiece many times. It is an enormously tall paintbrush placed in the middle of the sidewalk. Whenever I pass it I smile because in a way it reminds me that life does not always have to be so serious, and I believe that that was one of the goals Claes Oldenburg had in mind when he began creating his unique
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