Claiming Victory of the Cold War Essay

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Claiming Victory of the Cold War

What has been termed as “the long peace” by some has proven to be the most intense time period in world history. A historical rarity, two superpowers fought rigorously across the globe for support, each carving out their own sphere of influence. The bi-polar of international affairs resulted in an arms buildup between the United States and the Soviet Union; including weapons that exceeded the atomic bomb, then the most effective and destructive weapon in price and devastation. Yet, to everyone’s surprise, the Cold War abruptly ended in 1990 with the collapse of the Soviet Union under its own economic weakness, its political conflict, and military farce. A decade later, we ask: Who can claim
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In order to give such a question its proper justice, we must first explore the world near the end and directly following the second world war, the landscape, which in fact, birthed the Cold War. The second World War against Nazi aggression was fought by the Allies on two fronts; The British and Americans pushing from the West, the Soviets, alone, fighting German troops on the East. By 1945, without aid from the US or the United Kingdom, the Soviet Union began to gradually push the Nazi forces back West, as he other Allies pushed from the beaches of Normandy. Soviet troops would eventually occupy much of Eastern Europe, to the dismay of Roosevelt and Churchill. At Yalta, Stalin assured free elections in the region following the unconditional surrender of Germany. At Yalta, also, is where the Soviets, along with the English pledged support towards the United States in the Pacific Ocean. It was at this point in the war that the United States and the Soviet Union began competition, and possibly even earlier since the implementation of Lend Lease. Firstly, the United States, without informing Joseph Stalin, sent two atomic bombs on Japan, one on Hiroshima and the other on Nagasaki. Stalin’s ignorance, perhaps, was a ploy of the United States government, which feared the presence of Soviet troops in the region, believing that the Soviet Union would want territorial concessions in Asia as they did in Europe. The Soviets responded at war’s end when, while he rest

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