Claiming an Education

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“1. What Am I Doing Here, and How Does Reading Adrienne Rich Help Me Begin to Answer My Own Question?” Adrienne Rich wrote a chapter on becoming a better person by claiming an education instead of being passive and simply receiving one. Rich takes an aggressive approach with her diction and advises people to change their mindset and be above average by being breaking old habits and stereotypes. Since she is a well known feminist, her essay is directed primarily towards women, but I feel that any person, male or female, could draw knowledge from her essay to claim an education. Rich makes it clear that to claim an education you must “take (your education) as the rightful owner (71).” She goes on to explain how she feels about education…show more content…
As humans, we tend to just want answers without actually putting in the time, effort, and work required to be educated. We must be focused and stay with the positive mindset of being better than others expectations. Rich emphasizes the importance of hard work when she says that “intellectual freedom…requires hard work (73).” This struck me because it was obvious but also something that people always forget. Sometimes we are unaware of what we get ourselves into. We tend to think things won’t be as hard as others say. To successfully claim your education it is imperative that you approach every situation with confidence and aggression, so that you are taken seriously. Rich says it is important to “demand that you push yourself further” showing that settling for mediocrity is unacceptable (73). You must be able to take responsibility and be in control of your own actions. In a way it is a self-bettering process. All negative influences must be cut off, and the only person to push you further is yourself. This process will show what people are made of beyond receiving or claiming an education. It will prove what you are capable of doing in the future. I think there is more to Adrienne Rich’s essay Claiming an Education. It is directed towards women with hopes of breaking the negative chain of passive behavior. Whether Rich is aware of this, it is applicable to anyone who wishes to be
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