Claire Anderson Research Paper

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Anna Claire Anderson, also known as “the kid who laughs at their own jokes”, born August 3 2003, lived hard, played hard, and died hard. Claire was born to Todd and Julie Anderson, in Clinton Oklahoma. Claire attended schools in the Clinton Oklahoma district, as well as the Blackfoot Idaho districts. She enjoyed singing, tennis and a rigorous game of yahtzee, but it was the joy of cliff diving that finally got her. Throughout her life, she enjoyed the friendship of her siblings, and chores, but there was nothing like eating that set her on a ramp. She could go on and on, eating this and that, continuously watching The Office on Netflix. Once the TV series was over, she went into the state of very minor Netflix depression, and thus decided to take up cliff diving to make up for the thrill of the twists and turns of The Office. There’s nothing that could compare better to The Office than cliff diving, she was sure of it. Claire was service minded, and was obsessed with family history. After dropping out of college, Claire pursued her ambitions of becoming a mother. She had six children, five boys and one girl, in that order. The girl went on to be a hugely successful lawyer, and one of…show more content…
She was 80 years of age when her kidney failed, and had to get a transplant from her daughter, who was 47 and had also retired from her job to become a stay at home mom. At this point, Claire couldn’t do anything too dangerous, due to having osteoporosis. That’s when she decided to watch Netflix while relentlessly stroking her fake cat and eating as much food as possible. When Claire had finally hit rock bottom, when there was no more Netflix to watch, no more internet connections to work Netflix, she turned to the arms of her death-bed. She was diagnosed with Netflix pothole depression, which is a very common occurrence in adolescents. Her case was so severe, she was guaranteed death in two
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