Claire De Lune: A Beautiful Piece Of Art

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Have you ever wanted to see a beautiful piece of artwork that allows you to see the moon in all phases of its cycle? Well if you do, you should go see the ‘New Moon’. It is currently moving between public museums, so just watch out, and you might get the opportunity to view it! In the article called “Claire De Lune”, you get to find out what it is, how the invention works, who contributed to the artwork, and what it took to make it.
The invention is very simple to work. In the article, it states:
As people spin the wheel . . . the light above shifts. Inside this lunar globe of steel and 5,000 light bulbs a mirrored LED plate rotates, casting both shadow and light. Depending on your perspective, ‘New Moon’ . . . looks as if i is waxing or
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