Clan of the Cave Bear

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The Clan of the Cave Bear Many people are familiar with the ancient picture of cave-dwellers being the hairy, gruff bully of a man, dressed in animal skins, club in hand as he drags a female back to his cave. This drastic picture is not what one would get while reading Clan of the Cave Bear. The tale is a little more picturesque, but equally cruel, nonetheless; when it comes to the role of male versus female. Beatings, rape and humiliation are just a few of the brutalities dealt out to the females of the Clan, especially to any woman who is “misbehaving” in a man’s eyes. Several themes came to mind while reading Auel’s book: Nature versus Nurture and Gender Roles/Feminism seemed to be the most prevalent. When we say “nature versus…show more content…
The Bible was not a part of their existence, but this shows that then, now and unfortunately going forward, women have been/are expected to submit to their men and obey them to certain extents. Ayla was never able to understand why women had to do these things and ended up breaking many rules of the Clan. To conclude, this book is an excellent read which I probably never would have picked up on my own. I think Auel did a great job depicting the two theme discussed in this paper and she did it with what seems to be very accurate knowledge for the time this book was written. Feminism and gender roles are sadly still a big issue in modern society. Over the years, women have slowly come to gain more power and a higher place in society, but at times the question still lingers…. Will we ever be
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