Clara Barton : Angel Of The Battlefield

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During the era where women had the obligation to stay home, be homemakers, raise their children, no voice in decision-making, and very few choices, Clara Barton was a revolutionary woman who sacrificed her life to be of use and help others. Clara Barton was a pioneering nurse for a portion of her life as she became the “Angel of the Battlefield”, a teacher of the uneducated, an avid suffragist of women’s rights, and founder of the American Red Cross. She was a huge influencing factor during the years of her life from 1821 until she passed away in 1912 and her work is still relevant today. Born on December 25th, 1821, in North Oxford, MA as Clarissa Harlowe Barton. She was the youngest child out of 5. Her father was Stephen Barton, a farmer and state law maker who served in the American Revolution, and her mother was Sarah Barton. Her parents thought she was a special girl because she was born on Christmas Day, and her father mostly filled Clara with patriotism and humanitarian interest. Clara was an extremely intelligent young girl, at 11 years-old she took care of her brother who was severely injured until he recovered completely after two years.¹ She learned medical skills used at that time as well as to administer the prescribed medication. This taught her the significance of patience with the healing process. At the age of thirteen Clara was really interested in aiding the poor, and tutoring children. She only got better at nursing on her job, since there was no such

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