Clara Barton: Founder of the Red Cross Essay

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“For my soldiers I will stay. For I am one of them as well and by their side I will remain.” I wonder if Clara Barton spoke to herself in that very same way…Get your eyes ready to take a journey through the life of one of the great women who aided our soldiers; far back before we were born. Clarrisa Harlowe Barton, later known as Clara, was born on Christmas day in 1821. She was the fifth and youngest child of Sarah Stone and Stephen Barton in Oxford, Massachusetts. Her father was well known because of the local Universalist church. She remembered the church as austere, with tall box pews and high narrow seats (Goodwin, 1). Clara enjoyed being an attentive listener when it came to her father’s reminisces about the…show more content…
Though when push came to shove at age eight she was first sent away for school, and showed how emotionally immature she was; she soon returned home. A short three years later, her childhood suddenly ended when her brother, David, fell at a construction site and became bed bound. She cared for him for the following two years and from that point on felt the need to be needed. When Clara was no longer needed phases of depression filled her days. Clara worked in her brother Stephens’s mill, but the job couldn’t fill her needs. So a phrenologist visited the Barton's house and advised them to make Clara, in her late teens, become a school house district teacher. This is the theory they had in mind to cure her shyness. She was placed in a class with forty boys and girls around her age, and at time the guys seemed unmanageable. She played their games and showed her skills and their respect came with no boundaries. Her school later won a noble prize for discipline, and she later stated the discipline was never needed. Clara taught school for ten years with the same salary as a male. At the age of thirty Barton enrolled as a student at the Clinton Liberal Institution in New York State. When she accepted an extended stay with close friends in Hightstown, New Jersey, she started a free public school. Something that was very new to New York. Its popularity was headed straight for the top. It was such a success; they even constructed a new building with

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